Welcome! I started this site for the purpose of sharing my thoughts on innovation.   The importance of innovation has never been more critical.  As technology expands and software becomes more sophisticated, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to remain competitive.  The old way of validating business ideas is quickly becoming obsolete.   It’s becoming critical for individuals and companies to adopt new ways of thinking about innovation to keep pace with the market.  How can companies hold onto corporate/business control mechnisms while innovating at a faster pace?  This is exactly why Lean Innovation was born.  Lean Innovation is a grouping of methods for deciphering and validating what’s valuable, and not valuable.   It gives people the ability to move and change direction quickly, as expectations for new products change in the market. I hope I can shed some light on the subject for those interested in making the leap.  This is an evolving concept, so please share any thoughts you have on the subject. My hope is that Lean Innovation gets people thinking about new and better ways to evolve the way they think about innovation.